Architectural Design

How Can I Design This Project To Fit My Budget?

You have been sketching and researching – for hours. You may know what you would like, or you may need help with some ideas. Do you have the knowledge, or even the time, to make your design work correctly?

We can answer your questions –

  • What size building, home or addition can I have built on my property?
  • What approvals do I need?
  • Do I need barrier free / handicap accessibility?
  • Do I need a building permit? How do I get a building permit?
  • What will this project cost???

A good design is a great investment in your project and a small part of the overall budget. We have great design ideas, including the knowledge of good layout (space programming), aesthetics, building materials, building codes, energy codes, approximate construction costs – and we have the creativity and experience to make it all work together for you. When you hire an architect or an architectural designer, you are hiring someone very creative with a lot of technical knowledge.

You won’t be disappointed.  Ready to get started? Contact us today.