Project Management

Let’s get some Pricing and get this project Built.

It doesn’t matter what kind or what size project you have. Everyone has a Budget. Design Resources can provide guidance during the Bidding and Construction Phases.

Bidding Services – After we complete the design and drawings for your project we will solicit accurate pricing or bids from contractors. We will work with your contractor as part of a design/build team or help you find a contractor. We can also help you review and discuss the bids you receive.

Construction Observation / Progress Meetings – The construction process can be very complex and there are many decisions to be made. This is especially important during renovations and additions when decisions need to be made quickly.

Construction Observation is very helpful if you would like us to check in on your project and be your “eyes and ears”. Both local and out-of-town Owners find this to be a great value. Clarifications and minor troubleshooting with the contractor are typical discussions.

Progress Meetings are extremely helpful to discuss critical issues:

  • Construction Progress impact on the Project Schedule
  • Unforeseen Existing Conditions & Troubleshooting
  • Material Selections impacting on the Project Schedule

We can coordinate the Owner’s and the Contractor’s efforts. This helps to keep the priorities and the construction schedule working together toward the completed project. Please contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss your project needs.

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